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Stella Song

(Violin Coach)

  • Former violinist of the Dusseldorf Symphony Orchestra 

  • Former violinist of the Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra 

At the age of 16, violinist Stella Hwaeun Song left South Korea to

study with distinguished Professor Michael Gaiser and Valerie

Gradow at the Robert Schumann Musikhochschule in Düssseldorf,

Germany. She earned a Doctorate degree in violin performance as the top of the class in 2007. 

She was acknowledged for her warm tone with rich emotion conveyed in her performance upon winning

a special prize at the Smoltz Bickenbach Competition in Germany.


Stella then embarked upon an active performing career in Europe,

including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.

She made appearances as a soloist on the stages such as

"George Enescu" Philharmonic Orchestra in Romania, Brno

Orchestra in Cezh, Becsteinhaus in Germany, Partika Saal,

Kammermusik Saal, Luxemburg Festival, and Swiss Lugano Festival. And as a symphony musician she also enjoyed performing in

orchestras such as Düssseldorf Symphony, Bochum Symphony, and Köln Philharmonic orchestra.


Returning back to her homeland in 2010, she joined the Bucheon

Philharmonic and she continued to build her solo career at the

Seoul art center and Sejong art Center for the Performing Arts

giving annual recitals.


 Currently she resides in Ontario, Canada passionately engaged in

performing chamber music as well as giving regular recitals.

Most recent performances include Violin solo at the Korean Chamber Orchestra, Brahms Sonata recital,

KSP trio concerts, piano quintet chamber concerts and appearance

on Symphonic stages throughout Ontario.


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