Minshan Du

European Piano Doctor

Graduate Professor at the Xinghai Conservatory of Music

Dr.Du was born in 1978 from an art family. The four generations of its family have all devoted themselves to the art career in China. His grandfather is a well-known Chinese revolutionary, art educator, the founder of Huber Art Institute (Now Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, Wuhan Conservatory of Music) Sir Lanpu Jiang, At the age of four, Dr.Du began to learn piano with his mother, and started to explore music under the influence of his family.  In October 1993, he studied piano with Professor A.M. Bugayevsky, the famous Ukrainian pianist and Ukrainian national virtuoso artist. Under the guidance of professor Bugayevsky, Dr.Du won the Grand Prize at the International Piano competition in December 1999. When Professor Bugayevsky passed away in 2001, Dr.Du began studying piano with his wife Professor G.V.Popova. In June 2003, he graduated with a full 5+ score. He received qualifications in teaching, professional chamber music performer, concert solo pianist and was awarded the Master of Arts in Music.


In 2003 Dr.Du ad admitted to the National Institute for Advanced Conservatory of Music in Freiburg in Germany, under the guidance of the head of the piano department Professor M.Rosoler (student of German Piano Master Wilhelm Kempff) , to receive the Konzert Soloist Klavier Piano Concert Soloist Diploma (Ph.D.). In July2005, Dr.Du passed the final exam with outstanding results, obtained the Konzert Soloist Klavier Diploma and awarded with Doctorate degree. He published many academic papers, including a number of domestic professional publications. He was invited to several piano competitions as judges. Dr.Du brought back a set of valuable musical concepts from Europe, under his training, many of his students were admitted to prestigious music schools worldwide. After teaching in China for over a decade, his students have won more than 200 prizes at all levels of piano competitions. As a result, he has been awarded excellent teacher for more than 60 times.