Scholarships will be awarded to the outstanding young musicians to be eligible to receive the scholarship, competitors must enter a minimum of THREE classes during 2020 OYMI Music Festival competition of the same instrument.

 In order to receive a scholarship, first place must reach a minimum of 92%, second place must reach a minimum of 90%, and third place must reach a minimum of 88%.

Piano Division 

  • Music by Era

  • Primer Book Classes

  • Graded Piano Solo Classes

  • Piano Duet, Trio, One piano, four to six hands

  • Chamber Ensemble

Strings Division 

  • Graded Violin, Viola, Cello Solo

  • Suzuki group 

  • Chamber Music Ensemble

Voice Division 

  • Solo Vocal

  • Pop, Modern (Which includes Musical theater, Jazz Blues, Pop, R&B, Soul)

  • Vocal Ensemble

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