Di Xiao

Famous Pianist

Director of the BIPA International Piano Institute
Judge of the Brent International Piano Competition


Piano Professor and the Assistant Dean of Birmingham Conservatory of Music Ms.Xiao has won numerous international awards including the 28 th Brant International piano competition, the Symphony Hall Prize, Ludlow Philharmonic Concerto Prize. In 2014, seven year after she has won the Brent International Competition, she became one of its judges. Di Xiao was the sole nominee from the UK to be selected for the ECHO Rising Star in 2008/2009 to host solo concerts in over 10 world-famous concert venues including the Golden Hall in Vienna, the Amsterdam Concert Hall, Germany Cologne Concert Hall, Athens Concert Hall and many more. In recognition of her accomplishments, the
Birmingham Conservatory honors her with the Silver Medal, which was bestowed on behalf of the College. World piano master A.Brendel once told Ms. Xiao personally and evaluated her performance “Clear mind, great fingers!”.