Florian Koltun

German Pianist
Director of the classical music season in German “Kebelmetal”
Executive Director of the German “Prix Amadeo Mozart” International Piano Competition
Art Director of Germany Monschau International Chamber Music Festival


Mr.Koltun was born in music family from Germany. In 2008 he organized the Randerath International Classical Music Festival, became the youngest art director, at the same time served as consuktant for the Amadeo International Piano Competition. In 2010, he founded Kuestvermittlung Koltun music economic company, under his company there are many famous artists and entertainers include the Grammy Award winner St Petersburg String Quartet, An trio, Sarasate winner Daniel Austrich, Schumann Quartet, Munich Chamber Orchestra European Symphony Orchestra, Armenian National Philharmonic and more. In chamber music, he and Xin Wang formed the piano duet “International klaVier duo”. In June of 2012 he won the Grand Prix of the International Piano
Competition in Caraglio, Italy, becoming the only German to win this award.